Paint me: Operation Art Core
An interview with Scopes from Operation Art Core (OAC), Singapore's upfront graffiti art crew.
t2r: What's Operation Art Core about?
Scope: Firstly I would like to introduce the newest member of OAC, Sam Flores from San Fransisco. OAC is a collective of graff artists, graphic, painters etc.. but the group holds graffiti art as their main medium for expression.
Who are you, and how long have you guys been around?
I'm a nobody from around the way. I started doing graffiti professionally since the last 6 or 7 years ago. OAC has been around since 1994.
What kind of artwork do you guys do, and where have you done your paintings?
Our main medium is Aerosol.. We do graffiti art, we also do paintings, airbrushing and graphic designs.. We have been painting randomly from shops, clubs, people's apartments to MTV video clips, The Esplanade, National University Hospital, The Heeren, and LevelOne @ Far East Plaza to name a few.
Is the perception of graffiti as a form of art gradually changing?
Yes it is changing I can say. Live demo's, comps and the TV peeps are also documenting it.. So I must say all this proves that people are accepting it as an artform. Hell we even did a mural for a hospital!
Who are your heroes?
My hero will have to be my dad I must say, always inspiring me in his life story.
Any tips for up-and-coming graffiti artists? (Like how not to get caught?)
The normal tips I can give is PRACTICE hard, only then you can be good in what you do. Not getting caught? Tell the village people "I'm just the cleaner"
Is graffiti a crime?
It's a crime to people that do not understand it, then again different people have different views towards things. Whatever it is, I disagree on graff writers getting the strokes of cane caught doing it. It proves that it has the same level of major degree crimes like rape and drugs. In NYC, graffiti has strayed kids from doing drugs and "gang bangin". The word graffiti itself is not an art, but I can sure tell you it's not a crime. Whatever.
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Interview & photos by Shannon Low