Taste me: Baybeats

From 6 to 8 December, Baybeats rocked the Esplanade - an outdoor music festival featuring local and foreign acts like Concave Scream, Silicon Sounds, Buddhistson (Japan) and Brandtson (USA). This issue, we single out Silicon Sounds - a Singapore-based electronic music outfit threatening to convert the masses to great music - as movers and shakers in the electronic music scene.

Here are a few clips from the event, and an interview with Gay Messiah Jay from Silicon Sounds.

t2r: First off, you have a bloody cool website! who designed it, and how did you come up with such stunning visuals?

gmj: Well thank you very much! All credit has to go to our former Instrumentalist/Designer Cayn G ( Although no longer a part of Silicon Sounds - he is apart of The R.O.S (Religion Of Sound) collective recently formed & fronted by Silicon Sounds. All I can say is, Cayn is a genius - apart from that, lets just say that The Messiah came to him, gave the inspiration, & crafted a path to aid him like he does all of us @ The R.O.S.

t2r: Who are the members of Silicon Sounds What keeps you together as a unit?

gmj: The Silicon Sounds are a trio consisting: The Messiah, E.S.G (Electro Sound Guru) & myself Gay Messiah Jay. The Messiah keeps us together as a unit ... forever crafting the way we work together. I'm personally in charge of translating his ideas into sound/compositions/tracks and E.S.G is in charge of the overall quality of our sound.

t2r: What is "The Religion of Sound"?

gmj: The R.O.S is - Sound = way of life = passion = devotion = sacrifice = religion. The religion of the mind - the heart - the body - the soul - = Where if you believe, you take control. -- Messiah We all are apart of This Religion - - - just look @ your clubbers - - MTV viewers - - radio listeners - - MP3 pirates we all are one with this, just unknowing.

t2r: How do you put the soul into electronic music?

gmj: Wow that's a super hard question, wish The Messiah was here ... I myself puzzle at the way I pull some tracks off - yet alone know how soul gets in. Let's just say that if there were no Messiah there wouldn't be this interview in the 1st place.He is the soul.

t2r: Are you guys lo-tech or hi-tech when it comes to putting together your tracks? How much of it is guerilla-do-it-yourself?

gmj: I don't quite understand the 1st question, although we do everything from scratch --- 80 % of the time even sound design on our self made samples.(that is crafting - creating - molding a particular sound into an original one)

t2r: What part does the internet play in your plans for global domination?

gmj: A very big part indeed, it's our platform of _expression & message our online bible ... heh heh if you find a comparison. Just need a predominant speaker like MTV to showcase our webby 5x a month for 6 months & there ya go instant global domination!

t2r: You recently performed an excellent set at Baybeats. Do you think it is a step closer to educating the Singaporean public?

gmj: Yes, most definitely. We have so much to give & want to give ... all you have to do is ask --- we give.

t2r: What are your upcoming performances?

gmj: We have a huge gig coming 21st March 2003 - @ Zouk - "Live & Wired Presents The R.O.S (Religion Of Sound)" It's gonna be really massive ... Visuals, dancers, performing artistes, The R.O.S Crew along with, huge believers of sound MUON & The Sleepwalker. Whom both will be performing 'LIVE' on the night...! I want everyone reading this & their associates to come down ... it's gonna be huge .. expect a small concert - visual feast to the eyes, ears, soul. (more info @ click on "join mailing list" to receive up to date info)

t2r: What message do you preach to the young people out there?

gmj: What we preach is not only for the young but for all ages. Love, Self Respect & Self Belief! Your Heart & your Mind are the strongest things you have on this earth, if you let your surroundings drown away your heart & your mind - you become.. but nothing... also Strong Action For AIDS believers - RUBBER DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT - & dun leave it lying in yer wallet for 3 months. It can survive the A.I.D.S virus, but not being sat on for 3 months.

Interview by Koh Beng Liang
Clips by Shannon Low